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Robo Racers


About Us

FTC Team 16481 RoboRacers is an  FTC team in Dublin, California.  Our mission is to provide kids with a free, fun, and accessible way to get into learning about robotics and technology.  We strive to promote STEM education to K-12 students across the nation and around the world.  


Every year, we build and program a custom robot to tackle unique challenges in the FIRST TECH CHALLENGE game.  Our team applies scientific thinking, as well as knowledge in STEM. Our goal to continually improve and creatively solve problems give us the opportunity to always keep learning

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  • How do i join Robo Racers?
    Robo Racers, 16481's applications are currently closed. If you have any questions you can send us a text using the text option on the website. Once our applications are opened they will be on the website, so keep a look out for when it opens, and subscribe to the mailing list to get an email once we open up our applications.
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